Stick with journalism, kid

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From the commentariat section, The Truth About Cars:

Wonderfully entertaining write-up on mediocrity. If you're not in auto journalism full-time, you could be.


Hah! I had to laugh, a little, at that one—clearly, my personal #brand is falling behind. (Quoth Douglas Adams, "I seem to behaving tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.") Imagine a gruff, kindly old voice—ok fine, JJ Abrams in Spiderman—growling that over a big wooden desk: "stick with it, kid. You got talent!" Aw, shucks. Do I, mistah? Do I've gots what it takes to makes it to da big leagues?


(Apparently, in this scenario I'm a vulnerable starlet, sitting on a dingy leather couch, about to be casted, which seems like how most people wind up as established auto journalists. But I digress.)

Anyway. I drove a 2015 Chevrolet Trax from Brookyln to (outside) Boston, spending a weekend filled with bagels, the looming threat of snowstorms, and a white wedding in the woods with entirely too many gin n' tonics. That was the time I didn't drive the Trax, which is a punchy little thing, but about as much enthusiasm I could muster about it. Enjoy, America.


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