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Automotive Clichés, Ranked

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40. Calling a Jaguar a "kitty"

39. Calling a Saab a "Swedish meatball"

38. Calling a Lamborghini a "raging bull"

37. Calling a Ferrari a "stallion"

36. Calling an Aston Martin "James Bond's car"

35. Calling a Toyota an "appliance"

34. Calling a German car "precise"

33. Calling a British car "full of character"

32. Calling an Italian car "passionate"

31. Calling a Japanese car "soulless"

30. Calling a small convertible a "girl's car"

29. Calling a Nissan GTR "Godzilla"

28. Calling an engine a "mill"

27. Calling a four-cylinder engine a "four-banger"

26. Calling an accelerator the "loud pedal"

25. Calling horsepower "horses"

24. Calling an automatic transmission the "slushbox"

23. Calling a car "baby"

22. Referencing Glengarry Glen Ross in a Hyundai review, wait, shit

21. Referencing World War II in a Jeep review

20. "Teutonic"

19. "Absolutely mental"

18. "The controls fall readily to hand"

17. "Bank-vault doors"

16. "Rifle-bolt precision"

15. "Stomping on the loud pedal"

14. "Ten-tenths"

13. "911 killer"

12. "Mouse-fur upholstery" (wait, shit, ugh, dammit)

11. "Lord Vader, your ride awaits"

10. "Won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz"

9. "Race on Sunday, sell on Monday"

8. "Let's touch base"

7. Referencing brown, manual, diesel wagons

6. Referencing brown, manual, diesel wagons sarcastically

5. The Ford Mustang

4. "Stomping on the loud pedal reveals 355 horses from a powerful four-banger mill with Teutonic precision"


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1. Self-awareness

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