This weekend, the Petersen Automotive Museum—reopens December 1st!—turned Japanese with an all-Nippon cruise-in. It was an event long overdue, and certainly welcomed. They put the word out to Facebook, Twitter, smoke signals, mirrors off the moon, etc. And then, over 500 cars showed up.

Cars filled up every lot and every level of the Petersen garage, from the shadows to the roof. Mazda brought one example of every Miata, including the new MX-5 Club Edition. Toyota brought over a Lexus LFA and parked it next to another notable Lexus. (Current count: 905 thousand miles or so!) Nissan brought over some Nismo Edition sports cars, and Sage Nissan brought over an example of every AWESOME Zee and ZX out there. ZZZap! Jonathan Ward of ICON brought an FJ40 that was too tall to fit anywhere but the first floor, so the first floor it went. Honda hauled up a Mugen CRX, which garnered its fair share of attention, and the red NSX from its secret car museum that I’m not supposed to tell you about. (Whoops.)

We brought up our 35k-mile 280ZX, our LS400-engined Boyd Coddington creation, our 2Fast 2Furious Honda S2000 with real working NAWZ buttons, but no actual NOS.

And an importer from Kentucky brought their latest obsessive, a Z20 Toyota Soarer with a 5-speed manual, single-turbo 1G straight six, and (the real killer): the rare, one-of-500, Japanese-bubble-edition, Abunai-Deka-worthy Aerocabin roof that 1.) worked flawlessly, if slowly, and 2.) blew our collective minds to Shinjuku. Supercar, indeed.

More photos are at, including results of the voting—and yes, there was voting:

The “People’s Choice” award went to a flawless restored and stock Toyota Crown Deluxe. The museum’s chief curator Leslie Kendall handed our the “Petersen Perfection” award. “Petersen Perfection” is defined by a car so rare and significant, that it would deserve a place on display in the museum. That award went to owner Myron Vernis, who shipped his Mazda Luce from Ohio for the event. That car is believed to be the only working example in North America and would definitely hold its own on display in the museum. The “Best-In-Show” award was handed out by Toyota FJ customizer Jonathan Ward of ICON 4×4. He picked out a 700hp Toyota Supra that Jonathan said, “has the same build quality of any car on the lawn at Pebble Beach.”

All photos by Blake Z. Rong.

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